API Management and Microservices Gateway Layer

Fast, scalable and resilient

Open source API Gateway built as a light-weight API Gateway with ease of use from a developer perspective

Publish microservices using the language of your choice, while defining and implementing a monetisation model

Promotion of internal and/or external services used by your business/partners (accessed by old security protocols such as VPN)

Use APIs already available, add new, build your own or request us to develop it (some of the available APIs are OTP, Validation, Online Signature, Digital Online Onboarding, Notification Engine, among others)

Integrate, test online, "pay as you go" subscription plans based on your needs

Seamless API Management and Microservices Gateway Layer

Are you tired of having to use ESB VPNs and Web Services as providers so you have segregation between types of consumers? 

Our API Management and Microservices Gateway Layer allow you to publish microservices to consumers, with no limitations about the language you can use and not dependent on any vendor. All completely open sourced.


Monitor your APIs and understand the microservice API transactions

You can use the analytics feature of the Monitoring Layer to visually evaluate the performance of your microservices, to gather real-time usage data and to monitor all your API traffic.

2-Step Run Process

Watch the video to learn how to run our API Management and Microservices Gateway and all its components with our Docker container.

You may also follow the tutorial at



Download the product sheet

If you are interested in getting to know how Trust1Team's API Management and Microservices Gateway Layer can help your organisation, you can download our product sheet to find out.

Just fill out the form to access the paper.

What's next?

Kong 13 integration

Adding OpenAPI besides Swagger2 API already available

Implementing a billing API

Curious about how it can work at your entity?

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API Management & Microservices Gateway Layer
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