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Identify, authenticate & secure your digital data

Trust1team- your trusted partner to secure your business

Identify, Authenticate & Secure YOUR digital data

Providing technology, products and services where the user is in control of its own identity, data, payment and services.


Smart Identification

& Authentification

 Use existing physical tokens of any sort to authenticate your user in your B2B context.

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Urban Architecture

Mobile Onboarding 

Simplify onboarding of identity and claims, leaving control of data and identity to your user.

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We transform the complexity to manageable functionalities your users!


Helping the financial industry to stay competitive & protected thanks to our blockchain-based  & mobile app shielding solutions


Engaging  with customers in new and innovative ways by embracing end-to-end digital insurance transactions and secured onboarding

Public sector

Supporting governmental entities  in the age of digital transformation with our Smart Identification and Digital Signature solutions

Health & Medical

Protecting medical records & ensuring patients' identities remain confidential using blockchain-powered solutions

Scalable & Flexible 

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Why Trust1Team? 


Complete data & identity ownership 


Focused on the user & 


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Innovative solutions

No vendor lock in 

Global regulatory compliance


Founded in 2014, Trust1Team is a globally born product and integrator company guided by the spirit of open collaboration & excellence, with trust & integrity lying at the heart of its business. The company provides innovative solutions ranging from smart identification, smart Authentication & secure data communication. Marked by strong network, reputation & software engineering expertise, Trust1team works in a spirit of collaboration on an international level with partners in numerous industries, ranging from Government, FinTech & insurance to health & the public sector.

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