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Innovative authentication

Introducing hardware-based solutions for secure authentication & maximal protection from cyber attacks & sensitive data breach.
FIDO2 Token

Multi-factor authentication

International standards compliance

Protects from cyber attacks & phishing

 Email, documents & web security guaranteed

2 out of 5 companies have over 1000 files open for anyone to see, including files with sensitive information. In 2021 it will cost $6 trillion to combat cyber crime.  53% of millennials faced cybercrime last year.

In order to protect the user’s privacy, Trust1team has designed the FIDO2Token destined to secure all major browsers and operating systems from cyber attacks.


FiDO2 ensures secure protection of any individual, IT firm or company. Secure three factor authentication ensures that all personal data is protected from phishing and cyber threats, & the biometric data of the user stays imprinted in the user device to ensure maximal security. 

PKI Token

Fast & easy to use 

Secure & encrypted storage

Compatibility with Windows & Linux platforms 

International standards compliance

T1T PKI token is your secure & reliable source of protection for both sensitive data  & security operations.

Using the latest security techniques, such as three factor authentication & fingerprinting, the T1T PKI token ensures that you can sign your data digitally in maximal security. 

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