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MobileApp shielding

Protecting your mobile apps from malware, cyber attacks & sensitive data breach to help secure your business & reputation. 


Only in the first half of 2019, 4.1 billion records were exposed because of data breach, with only 5% of companies’ folders being adequately protected. 

75% of mobile applications fail  basic security tests.

 29 out of the 30 mobile apps tested lack basic mobile protection. 

Defeats targeted attacks

Quick to deploy & easy to use 

User experience is not affected 

Trusted by clients worldwide

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Mobile app malware comes in different forms, such as stealing sensitive data, API keys extraction, Man-in-the-middle scenarios, app piracy & tampering(attacking typically popular apps and financial apps).This can have a big impact on business, reputation & data protection. 


With security being jeopardized, it is more than ever important to think of mobile application shielding techniques that  that will ensure 100% protection of your mobile app.


How can we help?


Using our expertise in software engineering & protection, we offer the latest application shielding techniques, including code hardening, encryption and anti-tampering, in order to ensure that your app can resist and block attempts of tampering & reverse engineering. Your mobile app will be protected  both at rest and while running live. 


Leave the mobile app security to us so that you can focus on what you care about the most:

your business. 

Introducing mobile app shielding

Why do you need our solution? 

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