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Our team 

With One team, we go further together to deliver innovative, trusted solutions 


Software engineer 

Guillaume Vandecasteele

Guillaume is a software engineer and does mostly backend development in Java & Scala, but also specializes in security, cloud infrastructure and PKI. He has a background in linguistics but obtained a Bachelor in applied IT from Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2019 while already working as a software engineer. Currently, he’s working on a post-graduate degree in applied artificial intelligence. 


Before joining Trust1Team, he worked as a copywriter and in retail until he switched careers before becoming a software engineer. He also  volunteered as a steward during the yearly city festivities in Ghent and as kitchen staff in English language camps for teens. Currently he volunteers  as a running coach for people wishing to train for a semi-marathon. 

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Software engineer

Gilles Platteeuw

After having completed his internship at Trust1Team, Gilles decided to join the team as a  full -stack software engineer. His particular focus is on backend development in Scala programming language and on systems programming in Rust programming language. 


 He holds a Bachelor’s degree in New Media & Communications technology from Howest Hogeschool in Kortrijk. 


When not in the office, Gilles likes to play ultimate frisbee. 

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Software engineer 

William Verhaege

William is a software engineer specializing in front-end  development, mainly of websites and apps. He has also worked on backend projects in the past. 


A graduate in  New Media & Communications technology from Howest Hogeschool in Kortrijk, William previously worked for 6 months at C-Clear Partners as a Microsoft Dynamics Developer. 


William is a volunteer at the “Vlaamse Wielerschool”( Flemish cycling school) where he helps teach cycling to children aged 12-14  every Saturday. He also enjoys walking, programming, cycling and gaming.

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Marketing & Communications Coordinator 

Katya Seriekh

Katya is responsible for the company’s branding, marketing and communication activities. Her main tasks include implementation of a marketing strategy in line with business & strategic goals, outreach to B2B stakeholders and visibility of the company on a national and international level. 


Katya holds a Master’s degree in Communication, with a special focus on media and communication strategy, from the Catholic University of Louvain. Prior to joining the team, she worked on communication and advocacy projects of the Belgian UNESCO Commission and Wallonie-Bruxelles International. She was also a member of the Belgian UN Youth organisation and helped promote UN activities at a youth level in Brussels. 


In her free time Katya enjoys writing articles, watching documentary movies, volunteering and swimming. 

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