Smart Identification

Ownership of data, identity verification & digital signing

using decentralized blockchain & digital signing solutions.

The ever-growing need to embrace digital channels & perform digital transactions means that data identification & verification have never been more important. With remote interactions & transactions between users, citizens, business partners & government agencies increasing, the question at stake is that of user identity protection, given continuous sensitive & personal data breaches.

At Trust1Team, we strongly believe that users should  own their data and identity which are stored in a decentralized data storage system, also known as decentralized blockchain identity management. 

Blockchain Identity solution or how to own data & identity

Using blockchain-based technology means that self-sovereign identities (SSI) are created, allowing users to own, control and manage their data and identity. Only you can decide what data you are going to share and with whom. 

We use decentralized ledger technology that will enable you to issue and verify digital credentials( such as payslips, diplomas, driver licence, age, etc) using Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) technology. The data is stored securely in a digital vault. Only you have access to it

How can you benefit from our blockchain solution? 

   Capture data and and share it only with selected users using DID blockchain & PKI technologies

  Verify identities and facilitate KYC onboarding:use, share and exchange data any time anywhere 

    Issue and verify digital verifiable credentials stored securely

  in a digital vault


    Easily integrate solutions using APIs and integration  tools 

   Scale at your best convenience: start today with one model and change tomorrow, according to your business roadmap




Why use our solution? 

Identity verification & secure data exchange

Verify digitally identities with our digital signature solution based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with  advanced (AES) or qualified (QES) signatures.


By producing securely signed documents of a legal value, documents' integrity & authenticity are  guaranteed.


From a business perspective, this will allow to onboard & identify new customers, comply with KYC(Know your customer) requirements, combat identity fraud and ensure secure data exchange based on  confidentiality, integrity & access control.  

Our Digital Signature platform, constituted of a Digital Signature component and an e-Signature Validation Server, uses open standards (PADES, XADES and CADES) and can be easily integrated into existing document flows.

Why use our digital signature solution?

Watch how digital signing will help you manage daily transactions, whether it is business, consumer purchase or government administration. 

Curious about how it can work at your entity?

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