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Your Local Identity Provider - Trust1Connector brings authentication and identity insurance from your end users to your back-end services. Bring all your identities together on a single, user-managed middelware.

Start revolutionizing the way you work from today onwards.

Would you rather focus on your business process than trying to connect (mostly unsuccessfully) smart cards , USB sticks and other identities securely to  manage them B2B or B2C?

Do you want an easy, legally compliant and complexity free solution for identity authentication & claim management?

Do you need help with KYC & onboarding processes for Derived Identities? 

And especially, do you want to keep identity and data information in the hands of your user?

Then search no more! You are in the right place. 

Our product Trust1Connector will solve your problems by creating an abstraction of all the technical complexities of the multidimensional security matrix: Operating System, Internet browser, standard communication protocols and data identity profiles. 

About Trust1Connector 

Trust1Connector is a secure communication channel between hardware devices and services (device-to-service secured mutual communication channel) using any existing credential.

Trust1Connector supports all operating systems and all browsers, with zero impact on OS/browser updates, and can host multiple middleware, identity schema’s and credentials, without conflicting with each other.

It is a Smart Framework, extending identity schema’s and credentials. The framework can be implemented as white labelled, in premises or as SaaS, guaranteeing the most flexible and straightforward solution in the market.

Whether you work in the public sector, in the FinTech industry or in the health domain, you might want to look into using Trust1Connector to be sure about your customer's identity.

If you want to enable your business case cross-border and need access to foreign or B2B identities, check out Trust1Connector!

100% customizable & scalable
Short time-to-market
Easy integration
Extend identity with claims & file exchange
No vendor lock-in

Trust1Connector version 3.7.6 has been Released!

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