Visitor Registration & Verification

Speed up the registration process for visitors to your office

Event registration and access control management system

Visitor registration to grant access to buildings/offices

Enforce your visitor access policy 

Do you want to improve and speed up the registration process for visitors to your company or events?

We have created a Visitor Registration and Verification system that, in just 3 steps, allows you to pre-register, register, validate and grant access to your visitors.

Fast Registration for Visitors

Visitors can register themselves in 3 easy steps, while you have the complete control of the process.


Are you tired of the old paper-book and want a faster registration experience?

Our Visitor Registration and Verification system can automatically collect your information from your eID card or LinkedIn account.

Do you want to know which colleagues already visited your contact before you?

At the end of the registration, you will be presented with a personal view showing all previous visits your contact had from your entity.

Wondering how you can also have an expeditious check-out experience, or if you still have to approach the front desk as usually?

Incorporated in our system is also a check-out app, where you just have to swap your badge to leave the building.

Easy Reporting for Managers

Managers detain all access control.

Are you responsible for the visitor in your building?

Do you need to know how many people have visited you, or which company is really active in your business?

Is one of the members of your organization leaving and you want to know who's visited her over the years?

On-demand, our system is able to provide you with a full security report on all visitors present in your building.

In the manager interface of the Visitor Registration and Verification, you can issue business reports with all sort of data from your visitors.

You can track this information and more in the reports section of the Visitor Registration and Verification back-office.


Management of multiple buildings, multiple welcome desks and of multi-companies inside a building

Personalisation of the registration screens with the company logo and other required fields

Recognition of several Electronic Identification and VCARD models

Possibility of a fully managed and easily scalable check-in/out process by the visitor

Notification management when the visitor is registered to the members of the company

Your welcome desk can focus on added value tasks

Fast reporting for daily closure

Activity reporting in case of emergency

Audit reporting for access control monitoring


Curious about how it can work at your entity?

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