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Our philosophy

Free of complexity

We keep your identity safe

Founded by Michallis Pashidis in 2014, Trust1Team is a globally born integrator company guided by the spirit of open collaboration & excellence, with trust & integrity lying at the heart of its business.
The company provides innovative solutions ranging from smart identification & digital signing to secure authentication & mobile wallets. Marked by a strong network,a rock solid reputation & top-knotch software engineering expertise, Trust1team collaborates with international partners in numerous industries, ranging from fintech & insurance to the public sector & even health.

Our values

What we are


Efficient, flexible & reliable

Thinking outside of the box

What we are not

Creators of vendor lock-in

Body Shoppers

Consultants that bring no value or solution

What we stand for

We keep you free from all complexity

We keep your and your users identities safe

We go the last mile for all things related to identity, authentication and signing

Our added value

Our story

Pushing boundaries to provide you trusted and reliable solutions.

The company, led by its visionary CEO & founder Michallis Pashidis, is born from a spirit of an open & relentless collaboration. Each team member contributes its unique experience and perspective, shaping our self-imposed team identity that is now self-evident: 

“With ONE team, we go the extra mile & provide our valued partners with trusted and reliable solutions & services.


Trust1Team was founded in Belgium in 2014 with a top team of colleagues: a group of experienced experts in the fields of IT-Security, identity management and applied cryptography.

Trust1Team is honoured / privileged  to have the support of board members Konstantin Papaxanthis (Chairman of the Board) and Hans Graux (Vice Chairman of the Board and Legal Expert within the eID and Identity Area), both with an extended expertise & experience in the field. Together with the Trust1Team management, they tackle crucial milestones and employ strategic approaches to drive the company into its next phase.

Curious on how we can help your business?

Our story

Our board of directors

A serial entrepreneur with a 17 year long successful career within ICT, has joined Trust1Team as Chairman. His extensive experience in complex business development, strategies & sales, and his international network that spans over 60 countries will contribute to taking the business Global. As a team builder, turnaround specialist and a strong visionary, Konstantin creates great value for the company and its stakeholders.

Konstantin Papaxanthis

Chairman of the Board

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Hans Graux

Vice Chairman of the Board

With a dual background in law and ICT, Hans has been working on electronic signatures and trust services for more than a decade, including as an advisor to the European Commission, various European governments and private sector clients. He provides Trust1Team with support on legal compliance, alignment with EU policies on electronic signatures, and management of intellectual property rights.

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