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Onboard almost all kinds of smart cards and eIDs in your applications with one implementation

Your Decentralised Identity Broker to support all your KYC, authentication and signing flows worldwide

The Trust1Connector is a user managed  decentralised Identity Broker enabling identity and verifiable claims from your end-users AND devices to your applications or services


The Trust1Connector is a middleware that has been on the market for over 10 years.

The T1C solves your identification, authentication and signing problems by taking out all the technical complexities of the security matrix.

The security matrix is multidimensional and consists of: Operating System, Internet browser, standard communication protocols and data identity profiles.

diagram (1).png
This product can be used by

Integrators that are building a solution in which KYC and signing is necessary

All companies that need to know who buys items in the webshop or uses their product(s).  Fintech, healthcare, public companies that need to know their customers

Awesome features

Cross platform

Runs in all user environments: Windows, Mac and Citrix

All browsers

Works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge...


Possibility to brand to your specifications

What makes the Trust1Connector unique?


  • is not webbrowser based

  • runs in the user space of the device

  • is decentralized

  • is easy to implement: we can even provide you with an example of max 500 lines of code to you. You just need to copy-paste

Our main differentiators that makes the Trust1Connector unique in its kind

Some of our blogs

>140 Smart Cards

Unlock more than 140 smart cards to your application with ONE implentation


Use the Truststore as an add-on to unlock all PKCS#11 smart cards 


eIDAS, GDPR, PSD2 and SSI compliant

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