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Easy to use app for signing documents and validating esignatures

Sign documents with a Qualified electronic Signature (QeS).
No need to share your identity nor your document with a platform

Digital signing with SimpleSign suits SME and Multinationals who do not want to share their identity nor documents with a platform. 

This product can be used by

SME’s and Professionals as an alternative for the manual signing of documents (downloading, printing, signing manually, scanning and sending out).

High security environments that do not want to share documents with a cloud/shared platform.

High security environments that have an internal CMS system to share documents that need to be signed.

Awesome features for SME's

100% real idendity

Sign with a Qualified electronic Signature: The only way of signing a document that gives you 100% certainty of the signatory’s real identity


No need to share your identity nor your documents with a platform. Everything stays on your device

Validation in 2 clicks

Validate an e-signed document with only 2 clicks

Save Trees

Save some trees & some of your precious time: No more downloads, prints, signings, scans & uploads

Many supported smart cards

Works with all kinds of smart cards/eID cards worldwide 

Time Stamping

Making sure that the document can't be modified after signing

Awesome features for  Multinationals

Cross Platform

Works in all user environments: Windows, Mac and Citrix

CMS integration

CMS integration via API


CMS integration via API

eIDAS compliant


Timestamping of documents for long term legal archiving


Compatible with all PKCS#11 smart cards

>140 Smart Cards

Works with more than 140 eID's and smart cards 

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