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Unlocks PKCS#11 smart cards to your applications

The Truststore is an add-on to the Trust1Connector that enables you to use PKCS#11 smart cards for authentication and signing

The Truststore is a module that  interfaces the Trust1Connector with Keystore (Mac OS X Keychain) and the Windows Certificate store (MSCAPI)


The Truststore is an add-on to the Trust1Connector.  It detects the certificates in the personal certificate store (keystore) of Mac and Windows. In this way the certificate  can be used for authentication and signing.

This product can be used by

Integrators that are building a solution in which KYC and signing is necessary

All companies that need to know who buys items in the webshop or uses their product(s).  Fintech, healthcare, public companies that need to know their customers

Awesome features

Enables you to use PKCS#11 smart cards in your authentication and/or signing applications

Public Key Cryptographic Standard version 11

Secure Use

Allows you to use the Keystore in any web or native applications in a secured way

Unlock Smart Cards

Unlocks: Bit4ID, Charismathics, Gemalto, Idemia, Yubico Yubikey and so many more smart cards and tokens…

On our roadmap

The upcoming version of the Truststore (V2) will allow you to renew certificates on hardware tokens without the need to change the hardware token

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