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Web service or on-premise container to validate e-signed documents based on the EUTL or your own trusted list

If we all start signing digitally, Trust1Validation allows you to validate these signatures

Trust1Validation validates  single or multiple signatures of a PDF(/A) document or a certificate chain.

This product can be used by

SME's that need to be able to validate a signed document

Integrators that are building a solution in which validation of signatures is necessary. A redirect to the webservice is the only thing you need to do

Multinationals that need an on- premise validation tool in which their specific Trusted List can be added

Awesome features for SME's

Web service

Validate one or multiple signatures of a document via a web service. Indeed, as simple as that. You only upload your document to a website

No Trace

The document will only be stored temporarily. A few seconds after validations it is removed leaving NO TRACE of your document on our servers


EU eIDValidation of all European eIDs (European Trusted List: EUTL)

Simple reports

Download a simple report indicating the status of the signature and if applicable the reason of invalidity.

Extended reports with detailed information on the  validity of signatures that can be downloaded 

Extended reports

In need to sign documents as well,  just take a look at Trust1SimpleSign. The validation feature is built in in Trust1SimpleSign. It enables you to combine both digital signing and validation when using this app.

Simple Sign

Awesome features for Multinationals


Trust1Validation is also available as a container

Your own Trusted List

Next to the validation with the EUTL, you also can add your OWN Trusted List


Possibility to brand to your specifications

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