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Web service to authenticate users

Redirect your users or employees to our web service for authentication before granting access to your application

Trust1Authentication relieves you from all the hassle associated with authenticating your users or employees.


The Trust1Authentication is a web service that uses the Trust1Connector to authenticate users or employees.

All the amazing security features of the Trust1Connector are used to make sure that the authentication is done in a proper, secured way.

This is NOT a web browser plugin making it a lot more secure and compatible with all browsers and different OS.

This product can be used by

Integrators constructing a solution requiring user authentication. A redirect to the web service is the only thing you need to do

All companies who grant  satellite offices or home-working employees an easy and secure way to access their restricted applications

Awesome features

Hassle Free

No more hassle on keeping an authentication system up and running

Simple Integration

Simple, secure &  easy integration: just a redirect and that’s it


Possibility to brand to your specifications

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