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Trust1Connector - Release 3.8

Updated: Mar 27

22/2/2024 Trust1team - Published on : 22/2/2024 - Last update :

Hello Dear Reader !

Welcome to the Trust1Connector solution evolution, corrections, modifications blog! Here we discuss what's new in the version 3.8. This version has the possibility to add-on several of our newest products.

In this blog, you will find a summary of the new features of this release. Then in a second part, you will have more information on resolved issues.

Finally, we will give you a sneak preview of the new products that will be launched this year!

Enjoy reading !


Overview of the newly added features

The biggest announcement for this version is that it supports three of our new products in a fully integrated way.


Readers of our blog will maybe remember that we were still looking for a good name for this product. Well here it is: SimpleSign. A very simple app to sign and validate PDF documents using the Trust1Connector or the Truststore to retrieve the signing certificate. So our three newest products integrated.


The Truststore application is an add-on to the Trust1Connector. The Trust1Connector enables multiple hardware keys to be used for authentication and digital signing.

The Truststore adds an integration with local keystore using system APIs

  • MSCAPI/CNG (Windows)

  • Keychain (Mac/OSX)

Validation Services

The validation service is a web application that validates a single or multiple signatures of a pdf(/a) document or a certificate chain.

List of the newly added features

Trust1Connector Updates

Here is a summary of all the changes made on the Trust1Connector. But as this is a bit nerdy stuff, here are the main reasons for you to upgrade to this version

  1. We have cleaned up the T1C a bit and depreciated older tools that are not used anymore

  2. We have upgraded the SDK so that the Truststore can be incorporated in applications if applicable.

    1. a clear way of identifying if a certificate originates from the Truststore or from a reader for authentication and signing purposes

    2. Leaving the app builder to possibility to use the Truststore or not

    3. and a lot more fancy stuff...

  3. We have added global X509 parsing of certificates

  4. As we have more than 32 million installations of the connector we have added a mechanisme to re-use prior installed versions of the connector. Off course it is up to you to decide if you want to use this mechanisme.

If you want to read all the nerdy details please check out our gitbook link.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on this new release! Put them in mail to or create a ticket in our service desk.


Overview of resolved bugs

🔺SSL Certificates

Renewal of certificates of the T1C improved


What's planned for the next releases ?

Ofcourse we continue to upgrade and maintain the connector but in 2024 we will focus on launching our new product:

mobile identity wallet

Simplify onboarding of identity and claims, leaving control of data and identity to your user. More information coming soon....


If you need more information about our authentication solution, get in touch and we will be happy to help you secure your data.

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