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Trust1Team Roadmap 2021

Updated: Mar 27

Trust1team - Published on : 04/05/2021 - Last update : 14/07/2021

Hello Dear Reader !

Welcome to the Trust1Connector blog! This page is dedicated to the Trust1Team roadmap for the year 2021.

All developments and innovations for Trust1Connector for the year 2021 are grouped in the Gantt chart below.

They are classified by categories:

  • Integration of new modules,

  • New features,

  • New Operating System supported,

  • And finally the steps for the future mobile application!


To download the Trust1Team Roadmap, click on the document below:

Trust1Team Roadmap 2021 -7
Download PDF • 1.36MB

The roadmap is a provisional document and is subject to change. All changes will be posted in real time.


If you need more information about our authentication solution, get in touch and we will be happy to help you secure your data.

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