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Trust1Connector - Release 3.4.0

Trust1team - Published on : 11/02/2021 - Last update : 12/02/2021

Hello Dear Reader !

Welcome to the Trust1Connector solution evolution, corrections, modifications blog!

Here we discuss what's new in the version 3.4.0.

In the first part of this blog, you will find a summary of the new features of this version. Then in a second part, you will have more information on each of these changes.

Finally, we will talk about what's new in future releases of the Trust1Connector.

Enjoy reading !


Overview of the solved bugs and newly added features

Here is a summary of all the changes made on the Trust1Connector, the changes of this version concerned only the API :

Dependencies : Proxy 3.3.0 & JavaScript 3.3.0




As always, you will find all information about the Trust1Connector v3 on these links:


Details of resolved bugs and new features

MacOS M1 compatibility

This version of the Trust1Connector now officially has support for Mac desktops and laptops with the M1 Processor (ARM).

Sandbox must start on free port and register itself towards the API

In previous versions of the Trust1Connector, the Sandbox started on its own separate port. This would mean that if for some reason this port was being used by another program or system utility the Trust1Connector would not function properly.

The solution we created for this is that each sandbox must start on a free port given out by the Operating System and will then make itself known to the local instance of the Trust1Connector API.

This solution is related to the bug report we received "Update Sandbox http ports to not interfere excluded ports".

File-exchange download does not overwrite the file if its already present

In the file exchange module, when a new file is uploaded, it will now overwrite the old file with the file provided.

ListTypeContent on C folder throws an error because there is a hidden/swapfile already in use

In the file-exchange module, when fetching the list of files for a specific type, it could throw an error on certain files because they were in use by a specific process. This caused the function to be rendered useless.

We solved this by not retrieving all the details for these files as we do not have access to fetch some of the data when the file is being used.

CreateType adds an extra / at the start of the path

When creating a new entity and entering in the file-exchange on windows, the resulting path has an additional '' / '' character at the beginning of the path. This could cause issues with later use of that path and be very confusing for the end-user.

We solved this problem by checking the path and making sure that is valid and does not contain any invalid characters.

When the Machine restart the API runs on a different port. This causes the consent to not be valid anymore

In the previous version of the Trust1Connector, when operating in a shared environment (Citrix, terminal server,...), the clients connected with newly assigned ports after each restart of the Trust1Connector program. This caused the consent to not be valid anymore at this point.

To ensure that the consent was valid over after several restarts or disconnections, we made sure the Trust1Connector tried to use its previous port configuration so that it does not require the user to provide a new consent.

CreateType and UpdateType do not show a modal from the proposed folder

The file-exchange module has two functions to manipulate the type for a specific entity. These functions have the ability to show an OS modal so that the user can select the desired folder to use. In version 3.4.0 it will now display:

  1. The provided folder if any is passed in the function,

  2. If the type already exists, the folder of this type.

E-Herkenning module signing and authentication are not working anymore

The E-Herkenning module had an error when returning the certificates. The certificates were sent to the sandbox instead of the certificate ID. The sandbox, therefore, had no idea which certificate should be used to sign/authenticate.

Trust1team has fixed this bug in this new version of the Trust1Connector; everything works perfectly for the E-Herkenning module now.


What's planned for the next releases ?

For future releases, we plan to integrate the following elements :

Tokens :

New features :

  • T1C Test emulator : Trust1Connector will give partners the opportunity to develop/integrate each card, without the need for a reference card.

  • T1C smaller package size : Trust1Team's R&D seeks to reduce packet size to avoid overloading its partners' disk space.

New support :

  • Windows Mini-Driver : In a future release, the Trust1Connector will have an additional option using the Windows mini driver.

  • Debian and Ubuntu : The both editions of Linux will be included in the Trust1Connector.


If you need more information about our authentication solution, get in touch and we will be happy to help you secure your data.

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