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What's news for the Trust1Connector ?

Trust1team - Published on : 11/02/2021 - Last update : 12/02/2021

Solution Overview

The Trust1Connector is a technical product that aims to make all hardware tokens, used for authentication and digital signing, interoperable in a web environment.

No operating system dependencies to take into account, no browser dependencies, and compatible with smart-card readers, contactless readers and pin-pad readers/terminals.

Our mission is straight forward our focus is to enable secured communication, from a web application to a desktop device, in the world of person identity, mainly for the following use cases:

  • Read token information (personal info, ICAO, ...).

  • Read certificates, certificate chains or certificate information.

  • Verify a known password (PIN, PUK, CAN, ...).

  • Authenticate using a hash.

  • Digitally sign a hash.


New Milestones for the Trust1Connector !

The entire Trust1Team are proud to announce that the Trust1Connector exists for more than 5 years !

So in view of this milestone, Trust1Team decided to enhance the design, security, functionalities, even further ... and to incorporate all feedback of their partners into the new Trust1Connector v3.

We invite you to follow the evolution of the solution and to discover all its new via our various blogs !


What do these blogs contain?

The purpose of these blogs is simple, to keep you informed of changes in the solution, both regarding improvements, new features, and corrections.

More technical and more complete, the information in these blogs will allow readers to better understand the evolutions.

To read the information on the different releases, click on these following links :

Enjoy reading !


If you need more information about our authentication solution, get in touch and we will be happy to help you secure your data.

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