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API-Driven Validation for Digital Signatures

Do you know you have the power to transform the way you live in the digital world?

If you have an electronic Identification Card (eID), like a Citizen Card, you may already have a digital identity in your possession, which allows you to strongly authenticate online and sign legally binding electronic documents.

All this is possible since included in the smartcard are digital certificates. A digital certificate is your electronic identity that has the same legal value as your physical card when issued by an official trusted agency.

Your Citizen Card is a powerful tool

When you present your card to someone, you are identifying yourself as a physical person that has a certain name, date of birth, etc. In addition, printed in the card is your signature which guarantees the person who is signing a document is the same person with that signature. The digital certificates contained in your card ensure the exact same thing electronically and it is forgery-resistant and non-repudiate.

This is all fun and games, but how do I use it?

Nowadays, bound by the legislation and/or the natural evolution of technology and working methods, more organisations are giving increasing importance to the usage of digital certificates. By using this cryptographic technology, you can implement fully digital processes that are compliant, secure, faster and with increased user-friendliness.

You can use Adobe Reader to sign and validate digital signatures, but if you are looking for a more robust solution that can be easily integrated with your own products, we invite you to check our SignBox API. You can test it at our Validation WebApp or get it at GitHub. We even made a short video tutorial to give you an overview of how easy it is to use it and integrate it!

In this tutorial we show you how to:

  • Validate a digital signature on Adobe Reader

  • Validate a digital signature on our Validation WebApp

  • Create an account at Trust1Gateway and integrate our SignBox Validation API in your own product

This step-by-step tutorial can also be found at:

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