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Trust1Connector: simplifying digital identities management

Identity management at a glance : complexities and current solutions in the market

Digital identities storage and management is not as straightforward as it might seem, it is marked by different complexities, including technical and legal complexities. With the new GDPR regulation enacted, it has become ever more important to make sure that identity management, KYC and claim management processes are legally compliant. With that comes the technical complexity to bring authentication and identity insurance from the end users to the back-end services on a single platform. The technical multidimensional matrix needed to ensure secure digital identity management, consisting of operating system, internet browser, standard communication protocols and data identity profiles, must also not be forgotten.

Current market solutions are not best practices. Multiple middleware, connecting smart cards, USB sticks and other identities securely in order to manage them B2B or B2C is often quite a complex process. Moreover, most solutions, besides being legally uncompliant and unsecure, do not even provide future proof and are vendor lock-in, resulting in additional fees per operation and/or per use. Easy KYC and onboarding processes, all while being legally compliant and complexity free, require an Identity Provider solution with the latest updates.

Generally speaking, current Identity Provider solutions fail to provide a one-stop shop encompassing different features that guarantee secure and efficient identity management processes, such as generic interface, secure auto-recovery, support of all operating systems and browsers, hosting of multiple identity schemas and credentials (without conflicting with each other), scalability and single integration for enabling several business cases.

Trust1Connector: solving identity provider issues using the latest innovative methods

Identity management can get quickly technical and quite complex. In order to make use of the latest technology and security advancements in the field of digital security, Trust1Team has redesigned and upgraded its famous product – the Trust1Connector- to make sure it solves the complexities of digital identity management, guarantees user privacy in accordance with EU regulations, and boosts successful KYC onboarding processes.

Trust1Connector’s latest features and functionalities include hosting intelligent and secure middleware with a special focus on generic interface, allowing for interoperability between hardware devices and services using any existing credential, security updates with complete penetration testing of each major update release, no administrator rights needed to communicate securely with your identity tokens, and complete support of all browsers and major operating systems with zero impact on OS/browser updates. Trust1Connector’s smart framework, extending identity schema’s and credentials, includes also additional built-in operational checks to prevent tampering and malicious attacks. Designed in a modular approach, Trust1Connector can be tailored to the business’ specific requirements and needs, meaning that with one integration multiple business use cases can be enabled, depending on the implementation of additional modules and features in the future.

Some other new features & functionalities include auto-recovery functionality, license server to manage and configure your own environment, application sandbox functionality which releases sandbox environment for each application domain, and shared environment architecture designed with security in mind for shared environments with enforced security policies. Finally, Trust1Connector now includes user consent engine that can be used for simple use cases for verifiable claim management.

In addition to the new features, Trust1Connector has new supported modules, from EID and PKCS modules to ICAO and file exchange modules. The product therefore is in very high demand among entities in different fields, from fintech and the public sector to health and industries.


To learn more about Trust1Connector, please visit our page or contact us

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