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Smart-ID launched on the Belgian Market

Updated: Apr 3

29/3/2024 Trust1team - Published on : 29/3/2024 - Last update :

Hello Dear Reader !

Trust1Team is proud to announce the partnership with SK ID Solutions. Together we will launch Smart-ID on the Belgian and other European markets. 

Smart-ID  is SK ID Solutions (SK) latest ground-breaking electronic identity solution, boasting over 5 million accounts globally. Designed to offer the highest levels of security and convenience, Smart-ID sets the standard for modern e-identity solutions. 

With Smart-ID, you can easily and securely log in to all common apps from banks, government services or document platforms, as well as sign documents digitally. 

Smart-ID already exists for more than 7 years and has 5 million active accounts. In 2023 more than 1 billion transactions were signed with Smart-ID. It is a user-friendly app that has won several awards as most trustworthy authentication tool and has an appscore of 4,5. 

Why launch this app in the Belgian market and other European countries:

  • Belgium is the country where all European nationalities come together. One app that works for all European citizens is ideal for our companies.

  • The app complies with the latest technological and cryptographic standards and is therefore extremely secure. The user's identity can never be compromised. 

  • Users have full control over their data, transactions, etc. 

Trust1Team facilitates with the Trust1Connector the onboarding of Belgian citizens to Smart-ID.  The partnership with SK ID Solutions fits into our strategy and vision on mobile wallets. 

Trust1Teams vision and mission is to democratise digital ID in a decentralised way. We are firm believers that the user should be in control of their own identity. This vision is in line with the vision of the digital wallet of the European Commission and the European legislation on GDPR, privacy and the protection of the individual. In SK we have found the partner that shares our vision. As a certificate authority, SK is under close supervision. Security and safe keeping of identity are part of their DNA. 

SK ID Solutions is the pioneer in international e-identity innovation. With over two decades of unparalleled expertise, SK has been at the forefront of crafting, developing, and managing state-of-the-art e-identity solutions worldwide.

SK ID Solutions has its headquarters in Estonia, one of the most important fintech hubs in Europe. As a well known and trusted Certificate Authority, SK upholds the high standards of security and trust that Trust1Team also has. They will be for Trust1Team a strategic ally that brings

● Over two decades of knowledge and a leading eID provider, spanning three generations of eID technology

● Extensive deployment of eID solutions within and beyond the EU

● Key player in large-scale B2G projects, serving as the primary partner to Estonia in issuing ID card certificates

● Strategic ally to financial institutions, addressing identity-related challenges and bolstering KYC and AML protocols

● Smart-ID and the extensive range of services offered by SK

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If you need more information about our authentication solution, get in touch and we will be happy to help you secure your data.

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