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Improving Strong Authentication Has Never Been Easier

U-Safe users can now experience new friendly and seamless methods of strong authentication, thanks to the new partnership between jemmic and Trust1Connector® by Trust1Team.

U-Safe is a strong authentication and transaction verification platform which allows users to authenticate securely in applications, either from KYC processes or from self-registered leads.

With the Trust1Connector®, U-Safe users can access state-of-the-art, compliant and secure methods of strong authentication. This technology abstracts all the complexity from digital communication processes, such as authentication and the digital signature of documents or transactions, adding new secure ways of authentication to this already robust platform.

Jean-Pierre Schmit, CEO at jemmic, indicates that “the main goal with this partnership is to ensure U-Safe users new strong authentication methods, in a user friendly and frictionless platform. With the Trust1Connector®, our users can be abstracted from the technology itself, allowing them to quickly and securely use the identity they already have, like their own officially issued identity (citizen card, bank card, transport card, between others). This means U-Safe can offer integrators fully interoperable and compliant authentication methods within the European Union.”

“Trust1Connector® is designed to follow the natural flow of the business, offering secure, smooth and user friendly processes. For us at Trust1Team it is very important that users can focus on what is really important – the product/service – and not by getting lost in several convoluted steps. Therefore, we envisioned a solution where identification and authentication methods can be transparent for the user. It should not matter what the users want to use to identify themselves – the solution, now integrated with U-Safe, automatically detects different identification methods and devices, exponentially increasing strong authentication options for the platform users, in a truly interoperable and compliant process”, says Thibaut Delhaye, CEO and Co-Founder of Trust1Team, the company that develops the Trust1Connector® solution.

The collaboration between Jemmic and Trust1Team was facilitated by their membership in the Luxembourg ICT Cluster, which is managed by Luxinnovation. The cluster stimulates partnerships and cooperation between members in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the ICT sector in Luxembourg.


About jemmic

jemmic logo

Jemmic, a Luxembourgish company established in 2009, helps you to digitise your business.

As a FinTech expert, Jemmic serves over thirty banks with over one million online users - be it with custom software in the form of web and mobile solutions or complete customer portals.

With U-Safe, Jemmic provides the cornerstone for building an agile customer portal: U-Safe provides identity and access management and enables the seamless integration of a heterogeneous application landscape into a homogeneous customer experience.

Jemmic transforms the way companies interact with their customers: digital and fully integrated processes, straight-through-processing from the customer to your back-end systems and all this with banking-grade security.

Trust1Team is an integrator company born global. We offer our own developed products – Trust1Connector, Trust1Gateway and Trust1Vault - based on different open source frameworks which, in combination with our self-developed software, provide the opportunity to governments, enterprises and organisations to easily digitalize their processes in a secure and trusted way. We have created the perfect secure and compliant environment for frictionless authentication, the seamless signature of electronic documents, highly secure archiving, among others, following the best standards and regulations. With the Trust1Team portfolio and proven track record, our customers and partners can integrate one product or the full product suite, as needed, to bring new capabilities to their business processes. We allow you, for instance, with a trusted certificate, to digitally sign all kind of electronic documents and different formats. Several countries, TrustCenters and Trusted Service Providers and banks have requested Trust1Team´s insights about the future concept of signature and signing methods in smart cards, devices as well as in the secure element area overall. Trust1Team Group was born in Benelux. Founded in 2014 with active companies in Belgium and Luxembourg, it has since 2017 a newly created representation in Spain.


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