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COVID19 : it's time to start taking data and infrastructure security seriously

With the outbreak of COVID19, more and more users have to work remotely so as to prevent the spreading of the virus. Digital security has never been as important as today. With rapid increase in teleworking, adequate security measures need to be taken.

The European Union Agency For Cybersecurity( ENISA) has reported that there has been an increase in COVID19 phishing attacks. The agency recommends to implement security measures so as to not fall victim to (email) phishing attacks and cyber threats.

Users working remotely have been advised to make sure encryption tools were installed and user browsers are protected. They are also asked to verify the authenticity of (malicious) email requests asking them to renew credentials.

If you want to secure your system from phishing attacks and protect data, we recommend you to explore our solutions that have been designed by implementing the latest innovative methods in the field of cyber security and digital data security.

If you need more information about our security solutions, get in touch and we will be happy to help you secure your data. 

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