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Introducing FIDO2 authentication token

COVID-19 is having impact not only on health and economy but also on digital security. Attackers are making use of the quarantine policy which requires employees to work primarily from home. Recent research has identified two main trends of cyber attacks: remote user credential theft and email- based attacks. Moreover, fake 2 Factor authentication has been on the rise given increased phishing attacks.

And while the easiest advice is to avoid clicking on any links or downloading any attachments unless they come from a verified source, it is not always easy to not fall victim to cyber attacks, also because attacking tools are become more and sophisticated. The best advice we can give is to have a look at our authentication solution: FIDO2 token.

About FIDO2 Token

In order to ensure the user’s privacy, Trust1team has designed the FIDO2Token destined to secure all major browsers and operating systems from cyber attacks. With easy and fast authentication, FiDO2 ensures secure protection of any individual, IT firm or company. No user information that could give a hint about further web activities can be transferred, secure three factor authentication ensures that all personal data is protected from phishing and cyber threats, & the biometric data of the user stays imprinted in the user device to ensure maximal security.

Why choose FIDO2 Token?

  • Eliminates account takeovers and delivers strong phishing defense

  • Enables secure web and mobile app login across all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Linux, and across all major browsers

  • Provides strong password-less, strong two-factor and multi-factor authentication

  • Secure and encrypted Hardware Storage that keeps all users’ keys and certificates secure against any third party attack

  • International Standards Compliance

How can you use the authentication solution?

Email & Document Security

Email & Document security is considered an important issue both from an organizational and personal perspective. FIDO2 Token can be easily integrated to fully secure emails and documents. Security operations include adding personal Digital Signature and Encrypting Emails and Documents. T1T FIDO2 Token is easily integrated with different Mail Clients and Document Applications.

Windows & VPN Secure Authentication

System Authentication is considered a very critical operation within any organization. T1T FIDO2 Token can be integrated within Windows™ domain, so that user can login using FIDO2 Tokens instead of Passwords. This can be also applied to VPN, which is more critical to the security of the system.

Web Security

Websites and portal require many security requirements to overcome different attacks. T1T FIDO2 Token provides a solution for Secure Web Authentication replacing standard insecure methods of User name and Password. FIDO2 Token can be used in securing sensitive online transactions (e.g. banking, stock market, online purchasing …)

If you need more information about our authentication solution, get in touch and we will be happy to help you secure your data. 

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