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Insurances access the electronic identification era

Insurance organisations and its customers will benefit from the electronic identification advantages with the new onboarding & digital signature methods to be implemented in the DeeCide platform by Trust1Team.

DeCcide, an online platform where insurance companies and customers can negotiate contracts, is partnering up with Trust1Team, an integrator expert, to implement the Trust1Connector as a single IDP broker.

With this collaboration, all DeeCide users will be able to use their electronic identification cards to register on the platform. This form of identification guarantees a more reliable, trusted and faster onboarding process while assuring insurance organisations to be dealing with real customers. With the Trust1Connector it is also possible to retrieve data from personal ID, which can be used to fill out forms and contracts automatically. Furthermore, users will be able to sign legally binding digital contracts, compliant with eIDAS, decreasing the time of conversion from a prospect to a valid paying customer.

The improvement of the KYC process, user satisfaction and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are on the basis of the new partnership. “With the Trust1Connector it is going to be possible for our users to be onboard securely and, at the same time, provide insurance companies valid proof that they are dealing with real verified customers”, explains Antoine de Beys, Co-Founder at DeeCide. “We are very happy to be able to offer a better user experience, ensuring a transparent, trusted and faster process for all users and insurance companies at DeeCide”, adds the platform representative.

This collaboration is part of Trust1Team’s market expansion strategy. As Thibaut Delhaye, Trust1Team’s CEO and Co-Founder, states: “Trust1Team is already very strong in the financial area and we are building solid relations with several fintech organisations. Our increased experience helped us build robust products that can be easily integrated with different business sectors. DeeCide is a strategic partnership and will allow us to show other insuretechs that our portfolio is rich, compliant, hassle-free, user-friendly and, above all, extremely needed in the current technological environment.”

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About DeeCide

DeeCide S.A. is a Belgian start-up about to profoundly change the nature of the insurance market, to everyone’s benefit. Absolutely independent from any other market player, DeeCide ensures quality relationships between policyholders and brokers. It allows insurers to propose their best offers and build interactions with customers, while the latter can compare and choose both their insurances and insurers, all in the same environment of the DeeCide platform. 

In July 2017, the company has raised €400 thousand in fresh capital. The financing was led by private investors. S.R.I.W. (through its W.IN.G. fund) also participated in the round.

Trust1Team is an integrator company born global, nominated to represent Luxembourg in the StartUp European Awards. We offer our own developed products – Trust1Connector, Trust1Gateway and Trust1Vault - based on different open source frameworks which, in combination with our self-developed software, provide the opportunity to governments, enterprises and organisations to easily digitalize their processes in a secure and trusted way. We have created the perfect secure and compliant environment for frictionless authentication, the seamless signature of electronic documents, highly secure archiving, among others, following the best standards and regulations.

With the Trust1Team portfolio and proven track record, our customers and partners can integrate one product or the full product suite, as needed, to bring new capabilities to their business processes. We allow you, for instance, with a trusted certificate, to digitally sign all kind of electronic documents and different formats. Several countries, TrustCenters and Trusted Service Providers and banks have requested Trust1Team´s insights about the future concept of signature and signing methods. Trust1Team Group was born in Benelux.

Founded in 2014 with active companies in Belgium and Luxembourg and reach new markets as Middle-east and Latin America.


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